Me and My Pensive Thoughts

Humans had always been discontented. They crave for changes! 

When the Israelites asked for a king,  they never consider what the Father God would feel about their cry.  Im sure He is hurt. 

Am I never enough? I am the one who brought you out of your misery in Egypt. Provided you with what you needed in the wilderness yet you were never satisfied.

Am I never enough? I accepted you over and over again.  Never counting your sins yet you turned your back at me to live your world of vices. 

I love you yet you choose to hurt me. 

But I am more than a king… Greater than the ruler you ask. 

I am your Father.

I will forgive you and love you always

As they turned their back to the Father

He granted them their hearts’desires,  as a father would do to his child who is eager and crying to get what they want.  Even if it breaks His heart. He gave it to them and let His child recieved what is in stored to what he prayed for – including agony,  despair,  emptiness, and death. 

But He never forsakes…  

He always loves… 

He always sacrifices…

He let His beloved Son be crucified to save His beloved creations frome the result of their rebellion.

That those whoever believed in Him will never perish and have eternal life. 

He always loves us

Father God. 

Lord Jesus Crist. 

He loves us…  Forever and always. 



I’ve been depressed since I’ve heard the news about mass killing and bombings. 

So Mindanao (Philippines) is terrorized by Isis and I’ve heard that they burned an innocent child alive

I can’t do anything but to pray and I know it’s all I need to do.

Please Help me Pray for their salvation.


God is always listening.


In Jesus’Name His people will be save by His blood. 



Dear Pastor!! 

Please bear with me and guide me in Jesus’Name.

I am an Introvert

It is hard for me to say Hi and talk to someone as if we are close. 

I know Youth Groups are made for teens like me to grow with my fellow Christian teens 

I am writing in behalf of all the introverted and ambiverted Christians out there. 

Do you know how hurt we feel everytime you preach about how the Youth is greater than us who are never easy to say Hi to strangers and how hurt we are everytime you praise them in participating church activities ? 

Introverted and Ambiverted Christians do exist.

We may not be as active than those extroverted Christian in the Youth Group but I grow deeper in Christ every single day contrary to what some of you believe. 

For being me I’ve known Christ personally. I’ve search His heart and seen His visions for me.  Please don’t cut us off. 

I am an Introvert and I am love by the Lord

I am an Introvert and I go to church every Sabbath because I want to know Jesus even of it means living my comfort zone. 

I am an introvert and I do battles outside the church. I write my blogs and save souls thru social media where Christians, Buddist, Islams,  Atheist, and believers of satan interact.  We’ve cried for the lost souls lives. We ached.We fight for the Lord and every possible way that we can.

 I am an Introvert… 

A child of the Creator

I am an Introvert… 

Beloved Fighter of Christ. 


Blessed day!  I’ve been hiatus for a while now due to internet connection and I’ve lost the drive to write! But the Lord Jesus is so good and gave me so much ideas thay I must put into writting.  Lord Jesus knew how my curious mind works so He let me make this corner “DEAR PASTOR!!  #NOTICE ME ” to answer not only my query but also yours. This portion of my blog would be in a letter form. Please do leave your opinion and let is grow together in Jesus Christ.

Aside from “DEAR PASTOR!!  #NOTICE ME ” I also came up with “ME AND MY PENSIVE THOUGHTS”

Please do comment or share this my “Dear Pastor!!  #NoticeMe” to your pastor or anyone who is concerned. 

All for the Glory of the Lord


I am in pain right now.  Pain from critcism and doubts. I just don’t know what to do with my life. 
Don’t have the right people to guide me.  People see me as the strong one. They let me pray for them and Im glad that all my prayers for other people came true. I am just a child,  still needs a Father.  I always hide in smiles but I can say that my smiles are true because the people that I prayed for are happy.  But I can’t help to wonder when will I get a yes to all my prayers. 

Father God You know my pain.  But I trust Your son Jesus Christ.  I will be a living testimony.  I am your child.  I can’t do anything. Direct me to what you’ve promise me in Jeremaiah 29:11. I love You. 


When God promised You something,He will definitely do it. 
What if I sin? 

REPENT.  God gave us Jesus Christ as a mediator and saviour. He always forgives. 

What if I see that Promise is impossible? 

Nothing is too small nor too big for Christ. Nothing is impossible. He is so wise that we can’t fathom why it happened. 

No one can shut the door God has opened for you.  Stop searching for another for yours is open already. 

Joshua 5-8

God gave to Joshua the land of Jericho and commanded to keep away from devoted things but Achan didn’t obey.  God got angry to His people but gave them another chance (although He still punished Achan). When they went to Ai (for The Lord delivered  Ai into the hands of the Israelites) they nearly lost but God is always faithful to His promise and gave His people the victory.  He will always find a way.