Please bear with me and guide me in Jesus’Name.

I am an Introvert

It is hard for me to say Hi and talk to someone as if we are close. 

I know Youth Groups are made for teens like me to grow with my fellow Christian teens 

I am writing in behalf of all the introverted and ambiverted Christians out there. 

Do you know how hurt we feel everytime you preach about how the Youth is greater than us who are never easy to say Hi to strangers and how hurt we are everytime you praise them in participating church activities ? 

Introverted and Ambiverted Christians do exist.

We may not be as active than those extroverted Christian in the Youth Group but I grow deeper in Christ every single day contrary to what some of you believe. 

For being me I’ve known Christ personally. I’ve search His heart and seen His visions for me.  Please don’t cut us off. 

I am an Introvert and I am love by the Lord

I am an Introvert and I go to church every Sabbath because I want to know Jesus even of it means living my comfort zone. 

I am an introvert and I do battles outside the church. I write my blogs and save souls thru social media where Christians, Buddist, Islams,  Atheist, and believers of satan interact.  We’ve cried for the lost souls lives. We ached.We fight for the Lord and every possible way that we can.

 I am an Introvert… 

A child of the Creator

I am an Introvert… 

Beloved Fighter of Christ. 


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