Humans had always been discontented. They crave for changes! 

When the Israelites asked for a king,  they never consider what the Father God would feel about their cry.  Im sure He is hurt. 

Am I never enough? I am the one who brought you out of your misery in Egypt. Provided you with what you needed in the wilderness yet you were never satisfied.

Am I never enough? I accepted you over and over again.  Never counting your sins yet you turned your back at me to live your world of vices. 

I love you yet you choose to hurt me. 

But I am more than a king… Greater than the ruler you ask. 

I am your Father.

I will forgive you and love you always

As they turned their back to the Father

He granted them their hearts’desires,  as a father would do to his child who is eager and crying to get what they want.  Even if it breaks His heart. He gave it to them and let His child recieved what is in stored to what he prayed for – including agony,  despair,  emptiness, and death. 

But He never forsakes…  

He always loves… 

He always sacrifices…

He let His beloved Son be crucified to save His beloved creations frome the result of their rebellion.

That those whoever believed in Him will never perish and have eternal life. 

He always loves us

Father God. 

Lord Jesus Crist. 

He loves us…  Forever and always. 


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