He’s Listening, Always! 

I remember how our English teacher would point out the difference between listening and hearing.  Hearing is how we recognise sounds while Listening is hearing and understanding what you’ve heard. 

Moving on.

God always listens.  Either it’s just a simple “Thank You Lord! ” or a novena.  He’s happy when we are happy while praying and He weep when we are crying.  The point is God is listening. 

So my classmate asked me, “If God is listening then why did He gave me a different answer? “. Well, He listens but He’s wise enough to give you what you deserve which will always lead to His plans and purpose for you.

John 13:7 Jesus replied,  You do not realize now what I am doing,  but later you will understand.

When He answered me that I know I am going to be diqualified in my college program. But it lead me to believe in Jesus more. That my failure is going to be my testimony of how great the Lord to those who loves Him. He said on Genesis 25 that He will be the one who will provide out testimony. And I know what I was, am, will be going through is a masterpiece of Him. 


I Don’t Do Religion (PART 1)

I would always take a pause whenever I am ask the question “What’s your religion? “. I am a Roman Catholic since 8 months old. My birth certificate and my baptismal did agreed on that. 

I am a Catholic by papers

Religion is different from faith. I am a BORN AGAIN CHIRSTIAN yet still a a catholic. Because being a BORN-AGAIN CHRISTIAN IS A STATE NOT A RELIGION. 

It is not A RELIGION. It is a state of surrendering life to CHRIST. It is a spritual awakening to what is a Christ life according to the bible. 

Now,  don’t you reason out that we have different bibles because brothers and sisters WE DON’T.  What we have is KJV, NIV, ESV,  and many more ‘versions’.  Versions that if we translate is one of the same thought.

We are blinded by our religions.  We are blinded by our laziness to read the bible that we ought to depend to others what we must believe. We are to lazy to pray and ask the God for the truth which He will reveal much deeper through the bible with the help of the Holy Spirit. So we ended up judging others who read constantly  the bible and meditate on it ,yet you, yourself haven’t read one.

I do sin,  I won’t deny that. I am not perfect.  It doesn’t mean that I am a born again Christian that I am blameless. I sin everyday and I ask forgiveness to Jesus everyday. And Jesus Christ, who loves me, accept me again and again.

Sing And Dance to the Lord

Exodus 15

One of the famous stories in the bible is the life of Moses. Everyone knows how He ended up in the Princess’ household, how he was called by God, how he performed miracles, and how he lead the Israelites through the Red Sea. But what about what happened after they had passed the Red Sea? 

Little knew this part of Moses’ life because mostly are stuck on what happened to that “sea”. Exodus 15 stated that while God was punishing the Egyptians by letting the waters swallow the Pharoah’s horses,  chariots,  and horsemen, Moses headed the Israelites into WORSHIP. They sang to the Lord for He brought them victory.  The women took their tambourines and begun dancing while Miriam sung to them. 

We often forget how worship through songs and dance is important. It is far more than moving and producing sound. Worship is a declaration for/to God. It is a way of welcoming the Holy Spirit. 

I remeber how I think of worship back then. “God are you too self-centered to ask me for worship? ” I rebuke myself for asking Him that. However,  God won’t allow me to be dumb about this topic

Worship is a way for you to express your love for Me.  That you appreciate everything that I am doing for you. 

I cried big time then and I am crying now as I am writing this. 

Worship in Happiness. Worship in sadness.  Worship in sadness.  Worship in victory.  Worship everywhere. Worship aloud  and in silence

His Voice

I woke up early morning, dead.  My eyes that had been staring the gray ceiling of my room started to water. I would just let it flow for I can’t do anything.  I am helpless.

I am not happy with my life.  I wanted to end this uncertainty that I am feeling.  I wanted escape.  I wanted freedom.  Freedom from sadness and depression.

As my mind submerged deeper in thoughts of death,  I found myself asking Him, 

Are you still there?  Are You happy that I am suffering? Is this what ” For I know the Plans I have for you. ” means?  You wanted me this?  To be lifeless?  Is this what you want? Plans for prosperity and faith huh?”

I waited for His answer. Every night I would still pray to Him.  Weeping and tired. 

Days turned into months and months into a year. 

What now Lord?  Am I nothing to you?  Lord You know that I am now dependent on You,  but why leave me hanging?  Lord I am nothing without You. I know I am sinner and I have no rights to ask You this but please don’t leave me.  I just can’t!  I can’t

I wept while walking back in forth in my room. When I was tired I went to mama’s bed and played with her phone and a voice whisphered… 

“Why are you sad? “

Is there any reason to be happy? ” I answered absent-mindedly. 

” I am here! ” He answered

My tears begun to flow. I closed my eyes for I know the voice was His. The peacefulness and calmness of thr voice. It was Him.
Jesus answered. Literally.